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Chimney cowls prevent rain, birds and vermin entering the chimney.  They also reduce rain and wind entry and allow effective chimney sweeping.  Using the right cowl for the right fuel will help prevent carbon monoxide poisioning.
We can supply and fit all types of terracotta/stainless steel/anti-draught cowls for the right type of fuel. 
All Fired Up Woodburner Installers - Example of cowls we can install
Chimney Cappers
Chimney cappers are an essential installation to have all year round. Disused chimneys are one of the main causes of structural decay to chimney stacks. Saturated by rain entry they never dry out in winter as there is no fire and the freeze/thaw cycle causes a steady degradation of the mortar and masonry at great ultimate expense.
The chimney capper is therefore designed to minimise heatloss from disused chimney flues, they protect from nesting birds and rain and are a simple value for money answer which also allows ventilation for your chimney.
All Fired Up Woodburner Installers - Chimney Capper
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